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Pandemic Gracia Epilogue

(Exp 2x, Sp 3x, Drop 5x, Spoil 10x).

29/11/20 Quest Rate & Miscs.

Updated some more quests rate. (Varka, Forge, IoP, WoA)
Added Codex to Suspicouse Merchant.

27/11/20 Bug Fix.

Monster Cancellation fix with slot probability.
Added Antibot Check in game.
Debuff fix, cant stack (next restart).

24/11/20 Quest Rates.

Updated client textures for herb and other stuff.
Fixed rate for Ketra/Varka alliance quests.
Fixed mobs clan help routine.

23/11/20 Nobless Master NPC.

Added Nobless Master npc to the town of Giran and Goddard. You can now bypass SubClass quests and Noble your self.

19/11/20 Champions Mobs.

Reworked stats and rewards for Champions monsters.

18/11/20 L2Updater required.

L2updater is required to login on game server.

18/11/20 Preparing to Live !

Coins transfered on accounts.

18/11/20 Preparing to Live !

Coins transfered on accounts.

15/11/20 Opening Date !

Official Opening Date will be the:
18 November 2020 at 14:00pm.

14/11/20 Prime Shop update

Prime Shop added to the community board. Removed some pay2win object from the store.

12/11/20 Coins Bonus...

All the charater's leves done during Open Beta will be transfered as coin at the opening of the Live Server !

11/11/20 Geodata Updated...

All GeoData Maps updated. Report eventual problem by specifying the map zone. Use this map to find the correct zone number.

11/11/20 Guard Enabled...

The new guard protection is now active. You can download the updated system from the download section !

10/11/20 Server Rate...

Our goal is a low-rate pvp server. So we decided for this rates:
  • Exp: 2x (6x can be raised with varius bonus)
  • Sp: 3x
  • Drop: 5x
  • Spoil: 10x (Amount 2x)
  • Adena: 2x (Amount x3)